Unity Conference Calling

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Conference Calling

A conference call can be established with any combination of internal and external numbers. The total number of parties that can be supported is determined by service assignment.  The Three-Way Calling user service supports conference calls with two other parties only while the N-Way Calling user service supports conference calls with more participants.

Starting a Conference Call

Once an active call is established [that you have either made or received] call a second person. You can do this by clicking the Dial button or double clicking a user in the Contacts panel or Search, or Call Log lists. Making this call will automatically place the first caller on Hold.

Once the second party has answered the call, click the Conference button and a new conference will be created between you and the other two parties.  This is represented in the Active Call Window as shown below:

Selecting either call and clicking Hold will place the conference call on hold, during which time the other callers can still talk to each other.

Adding Multiple Parties

Once you have a conference established you can add additional parties by calling them. This will place the existing conference on hold. Now click the Conference button. You will be prompted to add the new party to the existing conference as below.


Please note that conference calls can be started with any two remote calls, regardless of the direction of either call or if the number is internal or external [for example between two mobile calls].

Ending a Conference Call

To remove a caller from the conference call but continue speaking to the other caller[s], simply select the call to release in the Active Call Window and click the Release button as you would normally.  This will release the selected party and will show only the remaining party[s] in the Active Call Window.

To end a conference call but leave the two remote parties in conversation with each other, click the Transfer button and select the “leave conference” menu option, as shown below.

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